I was recently asked how someone could find a good photographer for an upcoming event. This is what I suggested to them:

How to find a great photographer

• Word of mouth – ask your friends and colleagues if they could recommend a photographer for you. You could ask them through social media which might give you a broader set of opinions.
• While you are visiting your local florists, see if they have any recommendations.
• You might even find the right photographer while attending a function yourself.
• Web Searches – The difficulty with web searches for photographers is that it’s hard to determine the character or quality of the photographer.

Questions to ask a photographer while interviewing them

• Are you available for the dates of my events?
• Tell me how many images I should expect to receive. The number of images varies between photographers.
• What kind of packages do you offer and what are the prices for those?
• Tell me how long I should expect to wait for proofs.
• How long will I have to review proofs before requesting additional prints or enlargements.
• Do they have a web site where I can see examples of previous work?
• Will you post my images on a web site so others can view and order prints?
• The photographer will ask you what types of images and activities you would like them to capture.
• Request references.

Typical Costs

• Depending on the size of the event, the number of hours the photographer is working and what kind of photo package you select, the cost may vary widely.
• You are encouraged to get quotes from at least 2 photographers to see how their pricing is structured.

How to make your photographs amazing

• Get to know your photographer and make sure they are clear on what you expect.
• Discuss the moments, events, and people that you want to capture during the event. Make sure the event coordinator is clear on these wishes as well.
• Don’t be shy about asking the photographer to capture a specific moment that you see unfolding.
• With a larger events it would be optimal to have a second photographer so you don’t miss any special moments.

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